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This is a fork of Zandronum Beta for TSPG.

Commit MetaInfo

Revision9b7d493bffc20f7dce11747abdb576131bb6b498 (tree)
Time2021-12-06 09:56:04
AuthorJoshua Surace <doomjoshuaboy@live...>
CommiterJoshua Surace

Log Message

Fixed color codes for sending server info to TSPG (Again)

Change Summary

Incremental Difference

diff -r 242efd653dee -r 9b7d493bffc2 src/sv_main.cpp
--- a/src/sv_main.cpp Mon Dec 06 08:50:46 2021 +1100
+++ b/src/sv_main.cpp Mon Dec 06 11:56:04 2021 +1100
@@ -1456,14 +1456,14 @@
14571457 // Send welcome message.
14581458 SERVER_PrintfPlayer( g_lCurrentClient, "\n" );
1459- SERVER_PrintfPlayer( g_lCurrentClient, "\\cnWelcome to \\cj%s\cn!\n", brandingName );
1460- SERVER_PrintfPlayer( g_lCurrentClient, "\\cnThis server is running \\cj%s %s (TSPGv%s)\n", GAMENAME, GetVersionStringRev(), TSPG_VERSION_STR);
1461- SERVER_PrintfPlayer( g_lCurrentClient, "\\cn Compiled on \\cj%s\\cn at \\cj%s\n", __DATE__, __TIME__ );
1462- if (owner) SERVER_PrintfPlayer(g_lCurrentClient, "\\cnThis server was started by \\cj%s\\cn at \\cj%s", owner, g_pszStartupTime);
1463- SERVER_PrintfPlayer(g_lCurrentClient, "\\cnIf you wish to host your own server on %s, visit \\cj%s\\cn!\n", brandingShort, brandingUrl);
1464- SERVER_PrintfPlayer(g_lCurrentClient, "\n\\cfServer information:\n");
1466- SERVER_PrintfPlayer(PRINT_HIGH, g_lCurrentClient, "\\cg %s\n", sv_hostname.GetGenericRep(CVAR_String).String);
1459+ SERVER_PrintfPlayer( g_lCurrentClient, TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "Welcome to " TEXTCOLOR_WHITE "%s" TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "! \n", brandingName );
1460+ SERVER_PrintfPlayer( g_lCurrentClient, TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "This server is running" TEXTCOLOR_WHITE "%s %s (TSPGv%s)\n", GAMENAME, GetVersionStringRev(), TSPG_VERSION_STR);
1461+ SERVER_PrintfPlayer( g_lCurrentClient, TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "Compiled on" TEXTCOLOR_WHITE "%s" TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "at" TEXTCOLOR_WHITE "%s\n", __DATE__, __TIME__ );
1462+ if (owner) SERVER_PrintfPlayer(g_lCurrentClient, TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "This server was started by" TEXTCOLOR_WHITE "%s" TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "at" TEXTCOLOR_WHITE "%s", owner, g_pszStartupTime);
1463+ SERVER_PrintfPlayer(g_lCurrentClient, TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "If you wish to host your own server on " TEXTCOLOR_WHITE "%s" TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "visit" TEXTCOLOR_WHITE "%s" TEXTCOLOR_LIGHTBLUE "!\n", brandingShort, brandingUrl);
1464+ SERVER_PrintfPlayer(g_lCurrentClient, "\n " TEXTCOLOR_GOLD "Server information:\n");
1466+ SERVER_PrintfPlayer(PRINT_HIGH, g_lCurrentClient, TEXTCOLOR_RED "%s\n", sv_hostname.GetGenericRep(CVAR_String).String);
14671467 SERVER_PrintfPlayer(PRINT_HIGH, g_lCurrentClient, " dmflags=%lu dmflags2=%lu dmflags3=%lu compatflags=%lu compatflags2=%lu\n", (LONG)dmflags, (LONG)dmflags2, (LONG)zadmflags, (LONG)compatflags, (LONG)compatflags2);
14681468 if (instagib)
14691469 SERVER_PrintfPlayer(PRINT_HIGH, g_lCurrentClient, " Instagib mode\n");