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Time2016-03-14 02:19:30
AuthorSHIRAKATA Kentaro <argrath@ub32...>
CommiterSHIRAKATA Kentaro

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@@ -1,268 +1,112 @@
1-NetHack History file for release 3.6
3-Behold, mortal, the origins of NetHack...
5-Jay Fenlason wrote the original Hack with help from Kenny Woodland,
6-Mike Thome, and Jon Payne.
8-Andries Brouwer did a major re-write, transforming Hack into a very different
9-game, and published (at least) three versions (1.0.1, 1.0.2, and 1.0.3) for
10-UNIX(tm) machines to the Usenet.
12-Don G. Kneller ported Hack 1.0.3 to Microsoft(tm) C and MS-DOS(tm), producing
13-PC HACK 1.01e, added support for DEC Rainbow graphics in version 1.03g, and
14-went on to produce at least four more versions (3.0, 3.2, 3.51, and 3.6;
15-note that these are old Hack version numbers, not contemporary NetHack ones).
17-R. Black ported PC HACK 3.51 to Lattice(tm) C and the Atari 520/1040ST,
18-producing ST Hack 1.03.
20-Mike Stephenson merged these various versions back together, incorporating
21-many of the added features, and produced NetHack version 1.4 in 1987. He
22-then coordinated a cast of thousands in enhancing and debugging NetHack 1.4
23-and released NetHack versions 2.2 and 2.3.
25-Later, Mike coordinated a major rewrite of the game, heading a team which
26-included Ken Arromdee, Jean-Christophe Collet, Steve Creps, Eric Hendrickson,
27-Izchak Miller, Eric S. Raymond, John Rupley, Mike Threepoint, and Janet Walz,
28-to produce NetHack 3.0c. The same group subsequently released ten patch-
29-level revisions and updates of 3.0.
31-NetHack 3.0 was ported to the Atari by Eric R. Smith, to OS/2 by Timo
32-Hakulinen, and to VMS by David Gentzel. The three of them and Kevin Darcy
33-later joined the main development team to produce subsequent revisions of
36-Olaf Seibert ported NetHack 2.3 and 3.0 to the Amiga. Norm Meluch, Stephen
37-Spackman and Pierre Martineau designed overlay code for PC NetHack 3.0.
38-Johnny Lee ported NetHack 3.0 to the Macintosh. Along with various other
39-Dungeoneers, they continued to enhance the PC, Macintosh, and Amiga ports
40-through the later revisions of 3.0.
42-Headed by Mike Stephenson and coordinated by Izchak Miller and Janet Walz,
43-the development team which now included Ken Arromdee, David Cohrs,
44-Jean-Christophe Collet, Kevin Darcy, Matt Day, Timo Hakulinen, Steve Linhart,
45-Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Eric Raymond, and Eric Smith undertook a radical
46-revision of 3.0. They re-structured the game's design, and re-wrote major
47-parts of the code. They added multiple dungeons, a new display, special
48-individual character quests, a new endgame and many other new features, and
49-produced NetHack 3.1.
51-Ken Lorber, Gregg Wonderly and Greg Olson, with help from Richard Addison,
52-Mike Passaretti, and Olaf Seibert, developed NetHack 3.1 for the Amiga.
54-Norm Meluch and Kevin Smolkowski, with help from Carl Schelin, Stephen
55-Spackman, Steve VanDevender, and Paul Winner, ported NetHack 3.1 to the PC.
57-Jon W{tte and Hao-yang Wang, with help from Ross Brown, Mike Engber, David
58-Hairston, Michael Hamel, Jonathan Handler, Johnny Lee, Tim Lennan, Rob Menke,
59-and Andy Swanson developed NetHack 3.1 for the Macintosh, porting it for
60-MPW. Building on their development, Barton House added a Think C port.
62-Timo Hakulinen ported NetHack 3.1 to OS/2. Eric Smith ported NetHack 3.1
63-to the Atari. Pat Rankin, with help from Joshua Delahunty, is responsible
64-for the VMS version of NetHack 3.1. Michael Allison ported NetHack 3.1 to
65-Windows NT.
67-Dean Luick, with help from David Cohrs, developed NetHack 3.1 for X11.
68-Warwick Allison wrote a tiled version of NetHack for the Atari;
69-he later contributed the tiles to the DevTeam and tile support was
70-then added to other platforms.
72-The 3.2 development team, comprised of Michael Allison, Ken Arromdee, David
73-Cohrs, Jessie Collet, Steve Creps, Kevin Darcy, Timo Hakulinen, Steve
74-Linhart, Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Eric Smith, Mike Stephenson, Janet Walz, and
75-Paul Winner, released version 3.2 in April of 1996.
77-Version 3.2 marked the tenth anniversary of the formation of the development
78-team. In a testament to their dedication to the game, all thirteen members
79-of the original development team remained on the team at the start of work
80-on that release. During the interval between the release of 3.1.3 and 3.2,
81-one of the founding members of the development team, Dr. Izchak Miller,
82-passed away. That release of the game was dedicated to him by the
83-development and porting teams.
85-Version 3.2 proved to be more stable than previous versions. Many bugs
86-were fixed, abuses eliminated, and game features tuned for better game
89-During the lifespan of NetHack 3.1 and 3.2, several enthusiasts of the game
90-added their own modifications to the game and made these "variants" publicly
93-Tom Proudfoot and Yuval Oren created NetHack++, which was quickly renamed
94-NetHack--. Working independently, Stephen White wrote NetHack Plus.
95-Tom Proudfoot later merged NetHack Plus and his own NetHack-- to produce
96-SLASH. Larry Stewart-Zerba and Warwick Allison improved the spellcasting
97-system with the Wizard Patch. Warwick Allison also ported NetHack to use
98-the Qt interface.
100-Warren Cheung combined SLASH with the Wizard Patch to produce Slash'em, and
101-with the help of Kevin Hugo, added more features. Kevin later joined the
102-DevTeam and incorporated the best of these ideas in NetHack 3.3.
104-The final update to 3.2 was the bug fix release 3.2.3, which was released
105-simultaneously with 3.3.0 in December 1999 just in time for the Year 2000.
107-The 3.3 development team, consisting of Michael Allison, Ken Arromdee,
108-David Cohrs, Jessie Collet, Steve Creps, Kevin Darcy, Timo Hakulinen,
109-Kevin Hugo, Steve Linhart, Ken Lorber, Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Eric Smith,
110-Mike Stephenson, Janet Walz, and Paul Winner, released 3.3.0 in
111-December 1999 and 3.3.1 in August of 2000.
113-Version 3.3 offered many firsts. It was the first version to separate race
114-and profession. The Elf class was removed in preference to an elf race,
115-and the races of dwarves, gnomes, and orcs made their first appearance in
116-the game alongside the familiar human race. Monk and Ranger roles joined
117-Archeologists, Barbarians, Cavemen, Healers, Knights, Priests, Rogues,
118-Samurai, Tourists, Valkyries and of course, Wizards. It was also the first
119-version to allow you to ride a steed, and was the first version to have a
120-publicly available web-site listing all the bugs that had been discovered.
121-Despite that constantly growing bug list, 3.3 proved stable enough to last
122-for more than a year and a half.
124-The 3.4 development team initially consisted of Michael Allison, Ken Arromdee,
125-David Cohrs, Jessie Collet, Kevin Hugo, Ken Lorber, Dean Luick, Pat Rankin,
126-Mike Stephenson, Janet Walz, and Paul Winner, with Warwick Allison joining
127-just before the release of NetHack 3.4.0 in March 2002.
129-As with version 3.3, various people contributed to the game as a whole as
130-well as supporting ports on the different platforms that NetHack runs on:
132-Pat Rankin maintained 3.4 for VMS.
134-Michael Allison maintained NetHack 3.4 for the MS-DOS platform.
135-Paul Winner and Yitzhak Sapir provided encouragement.
137-Dean Luick, Mark Modrall, and Kevin Hugo maintained and enhanced the
138-Macintosh port of 3.4.
140-Michael Allison, David Cohrs, Alex Kompel, Dion Nicolaas, and Yitzhak Sapir
141-maintained and enhanced 3.4 for the Microsoft Windows platform. Alex Kompel
142-contributed a new graphical interface for the Windows port. Alex Kompel also
143-contributed a Windows CE port for 3.4.1.
145-Ron Van Iwaarden maintained 3.4 for OS/2.
147-Janne Salmijarvi and Teemu Suikki maintained and enhanced the
148-Amiga port of 3.5 after Janne Salmijarvi resurrected it for 3.3.1.
150-Christian `Marvin' Bressler maintained 3.5 for the Atari after he
151-resurrected it for 3.3.1.
153-The release of NetHack 3.4.3 in December 2003 marked the beginning of a
154-long release hiatus. 3.4.3 proved to be a remarkably stable version that
155-provided continued enjoyment by the community for more than a decade. The
156-devteam slowly and quietly continued to work on the game behind the scenes
157-during the tenure of 3.4.3. It was during that same period that several
158-new variants emerged within the NetHack community. Notably sporkhack by
159-Derek S. Ray, unnethack by Patric Mueller, nitrohack and its successors
160-originally by Daniel Thaler and then by Alex Smith, and
161-Dynahack by Tung Nguyen. Some of those variants continue to be developed,
162-maintained, and enjoyed by the community to this day.
164-In September 2014, an interim snapshot of the code under development was
165-released publicly by other parties. Since that code was a work-in-progress
166-and had not gone through a period of debugging, it was decided that the
167-version numbers present on that code snapshot would be retired and never
168-used in an official NetHack release. An announcement was posted on the
169-devteam's official nethack.org website to that effect, stating that there
170-would never be a 3.4.4, 3.5, or 3.5.0 official release version.
172-In January 2015, preparation began for the release of NetHack 3.6.
174-At the beginning of development for what would eventually get released
175-as 3.6.0, the development team consisted of Michael Allison,
176-Warwick Allison, Ken Arromdee, David Cohrs, Jessie Collet, Ken Lorber,
177-Dean Luick, Pat Rankin, Mike Stephenson, Janet Walz, and Paul Winner.
178-Leading up to the release of 3.6.0 in early 2015, new members Sean Hunt,
179-Pasi Kallinen, and Derek S. Ray joined the NetHack development team.
181-In January 2015, preparation began for the release of NetHack 3.6. The 3.6
182-version merges work done by the development team since the previous release
183-with some of the beloved community patches. Many bugs were fixed and some
184-code was restructured.
186-The development team, as well as Steve VanDevender and Kevin Smolkowski
187-ensured that NetHack 3.6.0 continued to operate on various Unix flavors
188-as well as maintaining the X11 interface.
190-Ken Lorber, Haoyang Wang, Pat Rankin, and Dean Luick maintained the port
191-of NetHack 3.6.0 for Mac.
193-Michael Allison, Derek S. Ray, Yitzhak Sapir, Alex Kompel, Dion Nicolaas,
194-and David Cohrs maintained the port of NetHack 3.6.0 for Microsoft Windows.
196-Pat Rankin attempted to keep the VMS port running for NetHack 3.6.0,
197-hindered by limited access. Kevin Smolkowski has updated and tested it
198-for the most recent version of OpenVMS (V8.4 as of this writing) on Alpha
199-and Integrity (aka Itanium aka IA64) but not VAX.
201-This version of the game is special in a particular way. Near the end of
202-the development of 3.6, one of the significant inspirations for many of
203-the humorous and fun features found in the game, author Terry Pratchett,
204-passed away. This version of the game includes a tribute to him.
207-An official NetHack web site continues to be maintained by Ken Lorber at
213-The devteam would like to give a special "shout-out" to thank the generous
214-people primarily responsible for the public NetHack servers available for
215-playing the game at nethack.alt.org and devnull.net. In addition to
216-providing a way for the public to play a game of NetHack from almost
217-anywhere, they have hosted annual NetHack tournaments for many, many years.
219-On behalf of the NetHack community, thank you very much to
220-M. Drew Streib, Pasi Kallinen and Robin Bandy.
1+リリース 3.6のNetHackヒストリファイル
5+Jay Fenlasonが最初のHackを Kenny Woodland, Mike Thome および Jon Payne
8+Andries Brouwerはこれを大きく書き直し,Hackをまったく違うゲームに仕立て,
9+UNIX(tm)で動く(少なくとも)3つのバージョン(1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3)を
12+Don G. Knellerは Hack 1.0.3を Microsoft(tm) C および MS-DOS(tm)へ移植し,
13+PC HACK 1.01eを制作した.加えて DEC Rainbowグラフィックを 1.03gでサ
14+ポートし,少なくとも4つ以上のバージョンを制作した.(3.0, 3.2, 3.51, 3.6;
17+P. Blackは PC HACK 3.51を Lattice(tm) Cおよび,Atari 520/1040STへ移植し,
18+ST Hack 1.03を開発した.
20+Mike Stephensonはこれら色々なバージョンを一緒に統合し,新な機能を加え,
21+Nethackバージョン1.4を1987年に制作した.彼はその後1000にも及ぶ,NetHack 1.4
22+の改良やデバッグを重ね整え,NetHackバージョン 2.2および 2.3をリリースした.
24+その後,Mikeはゲームを大幅に書き換え,調整し,Ken Arromdee,
25+Jean-Christophe Collet, Steve Creps, Eric Hendrickson, Izchak Miller,
26+Eric S. Raymond, John Rupley, Mike Threepoint および Janet Walzを含む
27+チームの先頭に立ち,NetHack 3.0cを制作した.同じグループがその後10のリ
30+NetHack 3.0は Eric R. Smithによって Atariに移植され,Timo Hakulinenによって
31+OS/2に移植され, Dabvid Gentzelによって VMSに移植された.彼ら3人および,
32+Kevi Darcyは後に 3.0のリビジョンを制作したメイン開発チームに合流した.
34+Olaf Seibertは NetHack 2.3および 3.0を Amigaに移植した. Norm Meluch,
35+Stephen Spackman および Pierre Martineauは PC NetHack 3.0のオーバレイ
36+コードをデザインした.Johnny Leeは NetHack 3.0を Macintoshに移植した.
37+沢山の他のダンジョナーにより,彼らは,PC, Macintosh および Amigaに
40+Mike Stephensonを先頭に,Izchak Millerおよび Janet Walzが調整し,
41+今や Ken Arromdee, David Cohrs, Jean-Christophe Collet, Kevin Darcy,
42+Matt Day, Timo Hakulinen, Steve Linhart, Dean Luick, Pat Rankin,
43+Eric Raymond および, Eric Smithを含む開発チームは3.0の抜本的なリビジョン
46+新しい最終試練および沢山の新しい機能を加え,NetHack 3.1を制作した.
48+Ken Lorber, Gregg Wonderlyおよび Grag Olsonは Richard Addison,
49+Mike Passaretti および Olaf Seibertの手を借り Amigaの NetHack 3.1を開発
52+Norm Meluch および Kevin Smolkowskiは Carl Schelin, Stephen Spackman
53+Steve VanDevenderおよび Paul Winnerの手を借り NetHack 3.1をPCに移植した.
55+Jon W{tte および Hao-yang Wangは Ross Brown, Mike Engber, David Hairston,
56+Micheal Hamel, Jonathan Handler, Johnny Lee, Tim Lennan, Rob Menke
57+および Andy Swansonの手を借り Macintoshの Nethack 3.1を開発し,MPW用に
58+移植した.それの開発の際,Barton Houseは Think Cに移植した.
60+Timo Hakulinenは NetHack 3.1を OS/2に移植した. Eric Smithは NetHack 3.1
61+を Atariに移植した. Pat Rankinは Joshua Delahuntyの手を借り,NetHack 3.1
62+のVMSバージョンに応じている.Michael Allisonは NetHack3.1を Windows NTに
65+Dean Luickは David Cohrsの手を借り,X11のNetHack 3.1を開発した.
66+\fBWarwick Allison\fP は Atari 用に NetHack のタイルバージョンを作成した.
22269 - - - - - - - - - -
224-From time to time, some depraved individual out there in netland sends a
225-particularly intriguing modification to help out with the game. The Gods of
226-the Dungeon sometimes make note of the names of the worst of these miscreants
227-in this, the list of Dungeoneers:
229- Adam Aronow Janet Walz Nathan Eady
230- Alex Kompel Janne Salmijarvi Norm Meluch
231- Andreas Dorn Jean-Christophe Collet Olaf Seibert
232- Andy Church Jeff Bailey Pasi Kallinen
233- Andy Swanson Jochen Erwied Pat Rankin
234- Ari Huttunen John Kallen Paul Winner
235- Barton House John Rupley Pierre Martineau
236- Benson I. Margulies John S. Bien Ralf Brown
237- Bill Dyer Johnny Lee Ray Chason
238- Boudewijn Waijers Jon W{tte Richard Addison
239- Bruce Cox Jonathan Handler Richard Beigel
240- Bruce Holloway Joshua Delahunty Richard P. Hughey
241- Bruce Mewborne Keizo Yamamoto Rob Menke
242- Carl Schelin Ken Arnold Robin Bandy
243- Chris Russo Ken Arromdee Robin Johnson
244- David Cohrs Ken Lorber Roderick Schertler
245- David Damerell Ken Washikita Roland McGrath
246- David Gentzel Kevin Darcy Ron Van Iwaarden
247- David Hairston Kevin Hugo Ronnen Miller
248- Dean Luick Kevin Sitze Ross Brown
249- Del Lamb Kevin Smolkowski Sascha Wostmann
250- Derek S. Ray Kevin Sweet Scott Bigham
251- Deron Meranda Lars Huttar Scott R. Turner
252- Dion Nicolaas Leon Arnott Sean Hunt
253- Dylan O'Donnell M. Drew Streib Stephen Spackman
254- Eric Backus Malcolm Ryan Stefan Thielscher
255- Eric Hendrickson Mark Gooderum Stephen White
256- Eric R. Smith Mark Modrall Steve Creps
257- Eric S. Raymond Marvin Bressler Steve Linhart
258- Erik Andersen Matthew Day Steve VanDevender
259- Frederick Roeber Merlyn LeRoy Teemu Suikki
260- Gil Neiger Michael Allison Tim Lennan
261- Greg Laskin Michael Feir Timo Hakulinen
262- Greg Olson Michael Hamel Tom Almy
263- Gregg Wonderly Michael Sokolov Tom West
264- Hao-yang Wang Mike Engber Warren Cheung
265- Helge Hafting Mike Gallop Warwick Allison
266- Irina Rempt-Drijfhout Mike Passaretti Yitzhak Sapir
267- Izchak Miller Mike Stephenson
268- J. Ali Harlow Mikko Juola
76+ Adam Aronow Izchak Miller Mike Stephenson
77+ Alex Kompel J. Ali Harlow Norm Meluch
78+ Andreas Dorn Janet Walz Olaf Seibert
79+ Andy Church Janne Salmijarvi Pasi Kallinen
80+ Andy Swanson Jean-Christophe Collet Pat Rankin
81+ Ari Huttunen Jochen Erwied Paul Winner
82+ Barton House John Kallen Pierre Martineau
83+ Benson I. Margulies John Rupley Ralf Brown
84+ Bill Dyer John S. Bien Ray Chason
85+ Boudewijn Waijers Johnny Lee Richard Addison
86+ Bruce Cox Jon W{tte Richard Beigel
87+ Bruce Holloway Jonathan Handler Richard P. Hughey
88+ Bruce Mewborne Joshua Delahunty Rob Menke
89+ Carl Schelin Keizo Yamamoto Robin Johnson
90+ Chris Russo Ken Arnold Roderick Schertler
91+ David Cohrs Ken Arromdee Roland McGrath
92+ David Damerell Ken Lorber Ron Van Iwaarden
93+ David Gentzel Ken Washikita Ronnen Miller
94+ David Hairston Kevin Darcy Ross Brown
95+ Dean Luick Kevin Hugo Sascha Wostmann
96+ Del Lamb Kevin Sitze Scott Bigham
97+ Deron Meranda Kevin Smolkowski Scott R. Turner
98+ Dion Nicolaas Kevin Sweet Stephen Spackman
99+ Dylan O'Donnell Lars Huttar Stephen White
100+ Eric Backus Malcolm Ryan Steve Creps
101+ Eric Hendrickson Mark Gooderum Steve Linhart
102+ Eric R. Smith Mark Modrall Steve VanDevender
103+ Eric S. Raymond Marvin Bressler Teemu Suikki
104+ Erik Andersen Matthew Day Tim Lennan
105+ Frederick Roeber Merlyn LeRoy Timo Hakulinen
106+ Gil Neiger Michael Allison Tom Almy
107+ Greg Laskin Michael Feir Tom West
108+ Greg Olson Michael Hamel Warren Cheung
109+ Gregg Wonderly Michael Sokolov Warwick Allison
110+ Hao-yang Wang Mike Engber Yitzhak Sapir
111+ Helge Hafting Mike Gallop
112+ Irina Rempt-Drijfhout Mike Passaretti