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rsync wrapper for pushing incremental backups

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rsnappush(1) - rsync-based pushed incremental snapshot


rsnappush [-h] [-r RSYNC_OPT] [-q] SOURCE_PATH [ACCOUNT:]DEST_PATH


rsnappush is a wrapper around rsync(1) to assist in file-level incremental snapshots that are pushed to a destination. Unchanged files are hard-linked. Files are plainly laid out in a directory for each snapshot: DEST_PATH/backup-YYYYmmdd-HHMM/ for easy access and restoration.

SOURCE_PATH is any local path.

DEST_PATH is a path, local or remote. If remote, ACCOUNT specifies an ssh(1)-compatible account description, such as USER@HOST.

Additionally, under DEST_PATH there is a permissions/ directory created that has compressed output from getfacl(1). setfacl(1) can be used to restore permissions from this file once it is uncompressed.


rsnappush --rsync-opt=--partial-dir=/home/user2/rsync-partial \
          /home/user user2@remotehost:backups/


-h, --help
display a help message
-r, --rsync-opt=RSYNC_OPT
pass-thru options to rsync(1). Use the '=' syntax to pass through options, and include prefixing dashes. See [EXAMPLE][] for details.
-q, --quiet
emit less output


rsnappush is written by Frank Tobin: ftobin@neverending.org, https://www.neverending.org/

rsnappush is released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0 https://opensource.org/licenses/MPL-2.0.


rsync(1), ssh(1)