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ae19f43d2016-04-22 13:38:42MasaoFujiiUse pg_reload_conf() to reload the configuration file in ...
8edf1db82016-01-15 14:12:14Kyotaro HoriguchiSupport PostgreSQL 9.5.0. This branch PG95 has been a bi...
fce09b452016-01-15 12:24:26Kyotaro HoriguchiPrepare for 1.1.3/PG95. The pg_hint_plan version of mast...
9d962d0a2016-01-15 12:13:29Kyotaro HoriguchiEdit copyright years.
5ff279442016-01-15 12:08:35Kyotaro HoriguchiChange for new syntax items in 9.5. Some syntactical ele...
02d20ed52016-01-15 12:05:13Kyotaro HoriguchiFollow a change of error message. Context message of PL/...
95b5f8922016-01-15 11:54:15Kyotaro HoriguchiFollowed the changes of 9.5.0 release. There was some ch...
958c60d62015-08-18 09:31:54Kyotaro HoriguchiMade compatible with 9.5a1 Made make_join_rel.c to catch...
0b6cf4b02015-08-18 09:24:21Kyotaro HoriguchiMade compatible with 9.5a1 Make make_join_rel.c to catch...
d422966d2015-01-05 16:55:23Kyotaro HoriguchiFixed a bug related to SQL statements in PL/pgSQL functio...

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