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c418440a2020-05-21 01:17:16Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/pie-x86' into q-x86
9fcfc5592020-05-21 01:09:51Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/nougat-x86' into oreo-x86
765cc07a2020-05-20 22:38:54Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/nougat-x86' into cm-14....
363577dc2020-05-20 22:30:15Chih-Wei HuangPrefer 32-bit native bridge abi
dd23e7902019-09-26 16:03:54Chih-Wei HuangSwitch from add_lunch_combo to COMMON_LUNCH_CHOICES
7e2e45272017-10-26 19:33:43meijjaaUpdate for CM naming convention
960e11342017-08-23 11:19:35Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/nougat-x86' into oreo-x...
506952732017-02-28 04:36:52Keun-young Parkincrease emulator system image size - build broken due t...
850843072016-09-21 14:50:55Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'x86/marshmallow-x86' into c...
7b486dd22016-07-28 18:27:40Chih-Wei HuangMove x86_64 settings to a common mk

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