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e944cf152011-03-02 19:25:42hylomadd win/C# diff files
cba4fc022011-01-04 23:15:11unknownupdate Installer, changelog, readme
2e78e83f2011-01-04 23:15:11unknownfix: invalid real size shown when anamorphic param chenged
e8d330122011-01-04 23:13:34unknownfix problem to enter infinite loop when load preset with ...
7309dc1e2011-01-04 23:12:39unknownadd UI version label to frmAbout
8e7185fb2011-01-04 23:10:09unknownadd copyright message for all .cs files.
6854c01e2011-01-04 23:00:36unknowngitattirubes test 2
89d3f9fb2011-01-04 23:00:36unknowngitattribute test.
d56407622011-01-04 23:00:36unknownupdate readme_jp and changelog_jp
10cb91432011-01-04 23:00:36unknownupdate version string

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