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9bd0f0472021-05-14 01:41:33sebastian_bugiuGot rid of exit game button on mobile.
d8713c912021-05-11 04:13:51sebastian_bugiuFixed bug where ship hit animation would change the skybo...
1d5efe602021-05-07 04:04:27sebastian_bugiuAdapted turn around for multiple corners at the same time.
d4381efd2021-05-06 18:26:08sebastian_bugiuFixed AI limits reached turn around.
2493ad662021-05-06 05:33:43sebastian_bugiuCountermeasures animations are now decoupled from the act...
12d8b4422021-05-05 03:39:48sebastian_bugiuSplit the ship materials into big and small ships materia...
21a632d22021-04-29 20:51:43sebastian_bugiuMenus now take into account notch height and move out of ...
6a6760d52021-04-28 04:31:48sebastian_bugiuRemoved a ton of useless textures and models that haven't...
893381de2021-04-28 02:25:35sebastian_bugiuMoved UI in game elements a bit more to the centre in ord...
0bd2711a2021-04-27 04:29:21sebastian_bugiuRemoved pointless thumbnails/ folder. Added startup image...

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