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Controlling VMware Player in Tasktray.

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Rev. Time Author Message
11cb624 2016-01-06 13:03:34 JeffyTS master Fixed some bugs.
9770987 2015-12-22 14:09:39 JeffyTS Changed developing envionment
e2efe22 2015-10-09 15:10:45 JeffyTS Fixed dialogs bug.
0f906a2 2015-10-09 12:29:15 JeffyTS Fixed readme.txt.
ce2c830 2015-10-02 11:26:54 JeffyTS Improved code and eliminated 'Interop.VixCOM.dll'


Name Rev. Time Author Message
master 11cb624 2016-01-06 13:03:34 JeffyTS Fixed some bugs.



	Controlling VMware Player in Tasktray.

	Copyright ©  2014- JeffyTS All rights reserved.

		You can copy VMwPlayerTaskTray files to any folder.
		VMwPlayerTaskTray can work any folder. This program never uses any registry-key.
		You need VMware VIX and .NET Framework 4.5.


		VMwPlayerTaskTray.exe [opt] "FullPath.vmx"
				You might be better to use shortcut files.
		/gui | /nogui | (none)
		/pos num_left num_top | (none)

	Known issues:
		1) When VM is suspended, '.lck' folders sometime remain in VM folder.
				(Same thing is happened by VMPlayer, however.)
		   Delete '.lck' folders in VM folder manually, when it is happened.
		2) NOGUI does not work on VMware Workstation Player 12.0.0.

Thanks to VMware,Inc and Microsoft Corporation.
	This program has been developed on
		VMware Workstation Player 12.1.0 and VMware VIX 1.15.1
		Visual Studio Community 2015 Update1
		Windows10 Professional 64bit.

Rlease & modify
	--- Date --- Ver. -- Modify --
	2014/04/01	1.0.0	First release for VMware Player 6.0.2 and VMware VIX 1.13.2.
	2014/12/26	1.0.1	Changed developing environment to VMware Player 7.0.0 and VMware VIX 1.14.0.
	2015/01/05	1.0.1	Improved await proc and added readme.txt.
	2015/01/06	1.0.2	Improved IO exception and fixed some bugs.
	2015/01/07	1.0.3	Changed to not check .vmx file existing when started and running.
	2015/01/10	1.0.4	Separated source files.
	2015/01/20	1.0.5	Improved error messages.
	2015/01/31	1.1.1	Improved checking whether VM tools running.
	2015/02/02	1.1.2	Changed Icons.
	2015/09/06	1.1.3	Disabled GO NoGUI menu and Changed to Any CPU for VMware Workstation Player12.
								Changed developing envionment from
									VMware Player 7.0.0 and VMware VIX 1.14.0
									Visual Studio Community 2013
									Windows7 Professional 64bit SP1.
	2015/09/10	1.1.4	Add /pos option and changed Icons.
	2015/09/13	1.1.6	Improved code and added to remember a former window pos until exitting program. 
	2015/09/15	1.1.8	Changed Icons.
	2015/09/25	1.1.9	Improved moving window timing.
	2015/09/27	1.1.10	Improved code.
	2015/10/02	1.2.0	Improved code and eliminated 'Interop.VixCOM.dll'.
	2015/10/09	1.2.1	Fixed dialogs bug.
	2015/12/22	1.2.2	Changed developing envionment from
							VMware Player 12.0.0 and VMware VIX 1.15.0
							Visual Studio Community 2015
							Windows10 Professional 64bit.
	2016/01/06	1.2.3	Fixed some bugs.