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c2518c792020-09-28 08:08:35Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into nougat-...
cecd1a2c2020-09-17 22:37:50John Stultzgralloc_gbm: Quiet logcat verbosity When using gralloc_g...
7bd5d5fc2020-08-14 00:25:14Roman StratiienkoSupport getting offsets via lock_ycbcr() When no softwar...
e0cd73342020-06-30 04:23:46Rob Herring Merge pull request #15 from pundiramit/master support v...
13c5034a2020-06-23 18:29:10Shawn Guogralloc_gbm: add .lock_ycbcr to support video playback us...
3090c6eb2020-06-23 18:29:05Shawn Guogralloc_gbm: fix gralloc_gbm_bo_lock() declaration The v...
709726ca2020-03-03 22:51:41Rob Herring Merge pull request #14 from johnstultz-work/null-crop-fi...
450ddefc2020-03-03 14:58:51John Stultzgralloc_gbm: Handle null crop values Yongqin recently re...
db36c0032019-08-19 20:01:35Rob Herring Merge pull request #12 from rsglobal/fixes-pr Fixes
8f698a692019-08-11 04:37:09Roman StratiienkoUse log/log.h instead of cutils/log.h Using cutils/log.h...

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