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302f808d2011-07-12 10:20:33Chih-Wei Huangupdate kernel config and fix the touch issue
82139c022011-06-08 18:02:39Chih-Wei Huangfix the missing license file
94ae837d2011-03-29 17:07:01Doug Ansonupdate system.prop for optimizations
cf6586612011-01-24 01:25:53Chih-Wei Huangupdate for gingerbread-x86
d2abc6982011-01-05 18:01:41Chih-Wei Huanginit.sparta.rc: remove unnecessary parts
e1ca6be62011-01-02 02:09:30Chih-Wei Huangremove SDCARD=premount Use the new installer to create a...
682c9d382010-12-13 15:39:49Chih-Wei Huanginitial commit for Dell Inspiron Mini Duo platform Contr...

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