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K.Takata's patch queue for Vim

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Recent Commits

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6c31e71a2022-01-23 22:57:16K.TakataUpdate for 8.2.4189 Remove a merged patch.
efa17c6c2022-01-23 13:31:49K.TakataUpdate ambwidth_auto patch
34f079b32022-01-23 12:24:20K.TakataAdd a new patch
eb9fd6ba2022-01-23 11:52:13K.TakataUpdate msvc-latest.bat
f6bc80e72022-01-23 03:58:23K.TakataAdd a new patch
5077b7f92022-01-22 22:43:28K.TakataUpdate for 8.2.4175 Remove a merged patch.
638948af2022-01-22 12:37:11K.TakataUpdate balloon patch
b626e8c92022-01-22 12:23:20K.TakataAdd a new patch
1093a6382022-01-21 20:48:53K.TakataUpdate for 8.2.4170 Delete a merged patch.
2e7483d12022-01-21 20:19:22K.TakataUpdate for 8.2.4169 Delete merged patches.

Build status

K.Takata's patch queue for Vim

This is my private patch queue for Vim.

Some of the patches are already sent to vim_dev, some others are work in progress. (And some others are not written by me. Maybe copied from vim_dev.)

How to use

First time

$ hg qclone https://hg.osdn.net/view/vim/vim -p http://hg.pf.osdn.net/view/k/k_/k_takata/vim-ktakata-mq vim
$ cd vim
$ hg qselect linux    # if needed
$ hg qpush -a
$ make


If you want to get the latest source code after qclone, you can use the following commands:

$ hg qpop -a
$ hg pull -u
$ hg pull -u --mq
$ hg qpush -a

Or you can use this script:

$ mqpull.sh


The Vim License (if it is written by me.)

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