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Experimental package creation tool for MinGW.org

Release Files

FilenameSizeTimeDownload count
pthreads-win32-2.10-mingw32-port.tar.xz25.68 k2018-01-24 01:56:495
pthreads-win32-2.10-pre.tar.xz318.76 k2018-01-17 22:14:559

Recent Commits

Rev.TimeAuthorMessage RSS
3d3365942017-08-27 22:50:16Keith MarshallEnsure "arch" directory is initialized within PACKAGE_SRC...
6cc37b0e2017-03-05 23:29:04Keith MarshallAdd support for --arch and --srcdir options. * src/modul...
315ff8162017-01-05 05:59:16Keith MarshallCorrect pkgspec file identification and parsing issues. ...
c47863062017-01-04 23:53:05Keith MarshallEnsure patches are applied to top source directory. * sr...
4ba5ebac2017-01-04 23:41:44Keith MarshallUpdate copyright information for changes in new year. * ...
bc7973f22016-12-22 06:47:44Keith MarshallMiscellaneous clean-up adjustments.
613c3f492014-02-25 05:45:13Keith MarshallProvide an absolute source directory path name reference....
c1f8f1df2014-02-25 01:16:05Keith MarshallPreserve all path name components in tarballs. * src/mod...
624ddcc02014-02-25 01:13:02Keith MarshallSanitize generated variable names more robustly. * src/m...
be9eb7732014-01-21 02:55:22Keith MarshallEnsure hard links are dereferenced in tarballs. * src/mo...

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