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6e2a24e72019-10-08 04:28:07Martin Krošlák+ added per op-code flags for some simple introspection
1a06bd6b2019-10-07 01:35:13Martin Krošlák* moved spirv stuff to separate crate
eee08b102019-10-05 23:40:41Martin Krošlák* formatting cleanup
b65ab6672019-10-05 23:35:20Martin Krošlák+ started work on rewriting spirv parser from original C ...
fb9238922019-10-05 21:11:43Martin Krošlák* enabled compilation of stbtt code path for fonts
a3fa2de22019-10-04 05:06:58Martin Krošlák@ fixed warnings and errors after updating to rustc 1.38
86f5e3152019-08-09 06:24:49Martin Krošlák@ fixed cargo output parsing
f73256062019-08-07 18:09:06Martin Krošlák* sublime project using built-in build commands instead o...
da3ed9c12019-08-07 17:04:16Martin Krošlák+ added notes and ideas for implementing frame graph
b4c0eccb2019-08-07 17:03:43Martin Krošlák* cleaned up public rendering api interface

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