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5874f89d2020-08-03 22:56:01Lorenzo IsellaI modified a bit the output.
b275397f2020-08-03 20:18:14Lorenzo IsellaI now work with the data with outlier correction.
2c0342942020-07-30 23:27:39Lorenzo IsellaFinal touches to the statistical guide and I added a func...
8011171f2020-07-30 21:46:29Lorenzo IsellaLast minute tiny correction to one fats table.
808c48642020-07-30 20:19:05Lorenzo IsellaFinal modifications to avoid rescaling any figure.
59187a142020-07-20 20:22:27Lorenzo IsellaI added an extra table.
861a24fd2020-07-20 17:45:49Lorenzo IsellaA simple script which also changes the file name accordin...
c78e83a92020-07-20 01:52:24Lorenzo IsellaI simply removed the striped option from the short tables...
8d424ccd2020-07-20 01:43:25Lorenzo IsellaI added a shading area and a bounding box around each plo...
1191a63b2020-07-19 19:08:29Lorenzo IsellaMinor aestehtic modifications. Now it is perfect!

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Private Repository/Chamber on OSDNMiddle2019-08-23 18:26:592019-08-23 18:26:59

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