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cc6b975b2017-06-14 11:28:04Chih-Wei Huanglndir: fix symbolic dir handling
4f88ceef2017-06-01 18:58:45Chih-Wei Huang1-install: add 6.0-r3 to the upgrade list
9c63ab232017-04-24 11:57:16Chih-Wei HuangAdd a script to run Android-x86 in QEMU The qemu-android...
bba152732017-03-24 03:58:15Chih-Wei Huanginit: allow to disable SetupWizard Now SetupWizard could...
ca8c73192017-01-18 00:20:18Chih-Wei HuangUse BUILD_NAME_VARIANT as the rpm name
c7c157a42017-01-17 14:11:33Chih-Wei Huang0-auto-detect: don't load all sound/core modules To avoi...
ecd7f3d32017-01-17 13:54:25Chih-Wei Huang1-install: support user-defined PREV_VERS This allows a ...
123ed4702017-01-15 03:08:46Chih-Wei Huang1-install: add 6.0-r2 to the upgrade list
03fa0d8a2017-01-15 02:54:00Mauro RossiUse shell-script $$(...) instead of $(shell ...) kati do...
8c73ac1a2017-01-10 12:59:23Chih-Wei Huanginitrd: load drivers in debug or installation modes On s...

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