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75e8c7c32011-12-29 12:34:56Christopher HrabiaAdded missing resources for mdpi-mode
bcc2e13d2011-11-08 12:34:48Chih-Wei Huangadd to build with android source tree
e97134c52011-11-08 12:33:36Chih-Wei Huangfix untranslated strings error
378db8cd2011-07-05 15:25:50Joe Berriaproject update
33019d442011-07-05 15:07:07Joe Berriafixed null pointer exception when image file is null
9471f21e2011-07-03 03:08:18Joe Berriaadded ability to changed bookmark names
b39db62e2011-07-03 00:56:20Joe Berriaimproved load speed of cached thumbnail icons
4d1e9f802011-07-02 08:22:14Joe Berriafixed force close on some devives startup
341cb1512011-07-01 09:36:32Joe Berriathumbnail icons now show up in multiselect window
119ce1ef2011-07-01 09:04:58Joe Berriafixed force close when leaving folder before thumbnail ic...

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