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Mateusz Viste's History

[SVN] Commit revision 1773
fixed /t, no more freezing
[SVN] Commit revision 1772
generating the svardos pkg stub
[SVN] Commit revision 1771
rebuild NLS resources whenever a file in nls_utf8 changed
[SVN] Commit revision 1770
NLS messages are automatically regenerated when needed
[SVN] Commit revision 1769
an EDIT.BAT placeholder is automatically added to release svp
[SVN] Commit revision 1768
fixed LSM computing so it does not contain ugly trailing spaces
[SVN] Commit revision 1765
lots of rewording to make the main page more concise, more accurate, or simply better sounding
[SVN] Commit revision 1763
updated sved to latest version
[SVN] Commit revision 1762
frozen sved 2024.0 to tags
[SVN] Commit revision 1761
adjusted makefile to new version string
[SVN] Commit revision 1760
slight reorganization to save a few bytes and get the UPXed binary back under 6K
[SVN] Commit revision 1759
tab inserts blanks until nearest 8-chars boundary
[SVN] Commit revision 1757
remove /4 from default DIRCMD for SvarCOM compatibility
[SVN] Commit revision 1756
minor rewording improvements on the main page of the website
[SVN] Commit revision 1755
reworded the bleeding edge description to make it shorter, the new generation does not like readi...
[SVN] Commit revision 1754
better advertising of the latest UNSTABLE build