List of Projects Mateusz Viste is involved in


AMB stands for "Ancient Machine's Book". It is an extremely lightweight file format meant to store any kind of hypertext documentation that may be comfortably viewed even on the most ancient PCs: technical manuals, books, etc...


An educational, quizz-like tool to aid in the learning process. This is "retrosoftware" designed for DOS PCs with VGA graphic and SoundBlaster sound.


a minimalist, easy-to-use, easy-to-administer and distraction-free forum engine written in PHP.

Mateusz' DOS Routines

MDR stands for "Mateusz' DOS Routines", it is a collection of *.C files (mostly OpenWatcom-targeted) that contain a variety of routines helpful during the development of DOS application. I am not calling this a "librar...


The Observable Gopherspace Universe Project (OGUP) is about computing and publishing an independent list of servers available in the gopherspace. OGUP runs a specialized gopher crawler released under the terms of the MIT license.


This is a very simple, naive and crude PHP implementation of a minimalist gopher server. It only opens a socket, awaits for a (single) client and displays back an informational screen. The program is about 40 lines long. It is meant ...


ptiblogphp is a tiny PHP blog engine. It stores all its content is stored in filesystem, hence it requires no database. Only a web server with PHP.


pworg stands for "Personal Web Organizer". It is a calendar system that allows one to keep track of appointments, todo items and notes. pworg is a web application written entirely in PHP and relies on SQLite for storage, he...

Simple Sokoban

Simple Sokoban is a Sokoban game aimed at playability and portability across systems. It is written in ANSI C89, using SDL2 for user interactions. I developed it primarily for Linux, but it should compile and work just fine on virtuall...


SvarDOS is an open-source project that is meant to integrate the best out of the currently available DOS tools, drivers and games. DOS development has been abandoned by commercial players a very long time ago, mostly during early nin...