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Adjustor Mod

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Adjustor mod plugin for VS

Release Files

FilenameSizeTimeDownload count
Adjustor_Release_V1.10.zip15.31 k2020-06-28 05:22:3411
Adjustor_Release_V0.1.9.zip14.62 k2019-12-15 05:07:0426
Adjustor_Release_V0.1.8.zip14.55 k2019-06-07 05:53:5724
Adjustor_Release_V0.1.7.zip14.31 k2019-06-01 07:47:3835
Adjustor_Release_V0.1.6.zip8.96 k2019-05-10 09:31:5518
Adjustor_Release_V0.1.5.zip8.65 k2019-05-07 08:21:1921
Adjustor_Release_v0.1.4.zip8.64 k2019-04-29 05:57:2212
Adjustor_Release_v0.1.3.zip8.59 k2019-04-21 04:05:458

Recent Commits

Rev.TimeAuthorMessage RSS
bec280032021-01-09 08:48:12melchiorW.I.P. Chute support 1/3
7d71b09d2021-01-06 12:54:29melchiorCorrected angle usage (for Radians)
6340b87b2021-01-06 12:15:58melchiorMesh rotation works....mostly
61a322a82020-06-28 05:19:28melchiorPR V1.10 - fixed rotation mode ordering
3a7df7432020-06-27 10:39:51melchiorPre V1.10; W.I.P. Update
7429f62d2019-12-15 05:09:11melchiorUpdates for VS1.11 (mech blocks not-supported currently...)
37a8abef2019-07-30 11:48:38melchiorminor changes for V1.10 support, changed debug message
5a362bba2019-06-07 05:53:47melchiorItem condition loss only when change made Tool mode icons...
0be55ec22019-06-06 07:18:55melchiorReworked applicability detection, removed outdated comments
b07f61162019-06-01 07:39:50melchiorFixed up Rotations from Variants Tool mode text entries a...

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