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AlterLinux is an ArchLinux-derived OS that has been developed by customizing archiso. Japan's first "ArchLinux-derived OS developed in Japan". Equipped with Xfce4, which is uniquely customized to the standard desktop environm...


Ubuntu Minimalをカスタマイズした、比較的軽いOS目指し、Xfce4とLightDMを搭載しました。 OSインストール時にはメモリ1GB必要ですが、インストール後使う場合は512MBでもサクサクです 可愛くてフレンドリーなオペレーションシステム ブラウザ...


SereneLinux is a new Ubuntu-based OS from Japan that focuses on a beautiful UI, lightweight, and unique features. SereneLinux will continue to evolve to become a standard in the future. Official Site :