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Run Speed Toggle

A simple mod for the game "Factorio" that does what it's name implies.

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7362426f2020-05-01 00:43:11Eric HopperAdded tag 0.2.1 for changeset 60b67768f85b
60b677682020-05-01 00:42:34Eric HopperStop using long-deprecated consume mode for toggle key.
d4ec390d2020-02-01 06:49:18Eric HopperAdded tag 0.2.0 for changeset 9408446f25a4
9408446f2020-02-01 06:49:12Eric HopperUpdate for 0.18.
2d8f11992019-02-27 12:40:06Eric HopperAdded tag 0.1.4 for changeset 7c1ed8f83697
7c1ed8f82019-02-27 12:39:09Eric HopperUpdate so in-game mod changelog works.
de6014f32019-02-27 06:32:37Eric HopperAdded tag 0.1.3 for changeset f76ad8760510
f76ad8762019-02-27 06:31:55Eric HopperFixed: Managed to lose changes to changelog.txt
7bb445a42019-02-27 06:05:42Eric HopperAdded tag 0.1.2 for changeset 3a47e8295ebe
3a47e8292019-02-27 06:00:49Eric HopperUpdate for 0.17

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