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Release Files

FilenameSizeTimeDownload count
tme-0.12rc6.tar.xz1.63 M2022-10-13 13:30:2428

Recent Commits

Rev.TimeAuthorMessage RSS
cb5b805e2022-05-03 10:27:04phabricsFix for multi-threaded version.
9c918e062022-04-25 13:04:00phabricsDistribution fixes and updated defaults. Bumping up the v...
2f1dc3602022-04-24 13:48:51phabricsBetter handling of the tme-plugins.txt file.
c754103d2022-04-23 21:07:05phabricsDependency fixes for generated source files to be properl...
024349432022-04-18 20:35:47phabricsFix modules dependency issues in preparation for parallel...
8388ffee2022-04-09 13:15:40phabricsAdded GTK library as a dependency for tme-host-gtk to avo...
db69ec892021-03-21 11:49:46Ruben AginSmall fix to allow execution inside of broadway backend d...
fe2f22002021-01-17 15:54:17Ruben AginConfirmed that sjlj works under native win32 properly for...
aa40a9b32021-01-17 12:52:21Ruben AginChanged default thread types for win32.
5a04aceb2021-01-15 19:34:32Ruben AginCompilation fix for win32 sjlj threads.

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