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A too-simple turn signal / brake lights controller using the 68HC05

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およそ20年前に、68HC05 の開発の練習に書いた車のブレイクライト・方向指示器コントローラです。

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Rev.TimeAuthorMessage RSS
a89723ba2013-07-08 22:34:06Joel Matthew ReesAdding the assembler output files to the source tree, for...
80401d232013-07-08 22:23:25Joel Matthew ReesCleaning up debugging cruft and comments.
59f3ed332013-07-08 22:08:18Joel Matthew ReesiCleaning up the flasher code, discussion of potential pr...
0f6a431a2013-07-08 21:59:16Joel Matthew ReesConverting from flow logic to a state table in the turn s...
87d119342013-07-08 21:52:31Joel Matthew ReesRefactoring and cleaning up the brake lights and emergenc...
abab00802013-07-08 21:39:02Joel Matthew ReesI think this was working on the engine off state.
770232dd2013-07-08 21:35:39Joel Matthew ReesShift from asynchronous queued debounce to synchronous de...
abb5d6112013-07-08 21:19:51Joel Matthew ReesImprovements in the debounce and operational analysis. (T...
4ab5c3b02013-07-08 20:10:59Joel Matthew ReesSecond backup. Nothing stands out besides work on debounc...
693b8f0d2013-07-08 19:52:27Joel Matthew ReesThis is the first backup I took.

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