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Joel's 6809 baby OS

  • R/O
  • R/O (HTTP)
  • R/W (SSH)
  • R/W (HTTPS)

学生時代に書いた OS になったはずの起点のソースコードです。(その授業は一応合格できました。)

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e087e06a2013-07-08 16:46:07Joel Matthew ReesAdd the license (GPL 3) to the repository.
a8999a242013-07-08 16:38:24Joel Matthew ReesAdding a license clause, since the source is now in a pub...
c925fd442013-07-08 16:37:20Joel Matthew ReesRenaming it for no real good reason.
5984740c2013-07-08 13:59:00Joel Matthew ReesThis was the point at which the functionality was suffici...
dbae67a42013-07-08 13:52:10Joel Matthew ReesThis would have been where I got some windowing functiona...
4dfebdcc2013-07-08 13:50:29Joel Matthew ReesI think this was where I got keys to repeat.
830ad31e2013-07-08 13:45:52Joel Matthew ReesI think this was improvements to the key translations, an...
31e900012013-07-08 13:41:26Joel Matthew ReesI think this was getting keyboard translation sort of run...
9518b6d62013-07-08 13:37:33Joel Matthew Rees I think this was where I got basic clock/calendar functi...
07f658df2013-07-08 12:03:27Joel Matthew Rees2nd step: gettin a keyboard press into the video buffer.

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