VZW Messages+ for Windows

Last official release of Verizon Wireless' SMS app for Windows

Release Files

FilenameSizeTimeDownload count
VMA.Client_2.0.2.0_ARM.appx20.9 M2021-10-30 20:15:1424
VMA.Client_2.0.2.0_x86.appx20.16 M2021-10-30 20:15:1315

Recent Commits

Rev.TimeAuthorMessage RSS
275c33ae2021-10-30 20:09:40 <admin@pete...>Manual commit of .hgsigs
fad102102021-10-30 20:07:51 <admin@pete...>Added tag for changeset fbbce79df9cd
fbbce79d2021-10-30 04:36:26 <admin@pete...>Initial commit of unpacked files from official release v2...


The last version of the Verizon Messages app published in the Microsoft/Windows Store

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