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Shuji Sado
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2002-03-22 19:44
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Kanji Name: 佐渡 秀治
OSDN Corporation (2007-2020) - President & CEO

I'd been involved with Linux since 1994 when I was still a college student, and it was in 1998 in Kyoto that I hosted Linux Conference which is known for one of the Open Source events at the earliest stage in Japan. Then in 1999, I strove to found Japan Linux Association. After the foundation, I stayed there for two years as the director. In 2000, I founded Open Source Group Japan, and ever since, I've conducted Open Source trademark management and OSS licenses translation. In the same year of 2000, when VA Linux Systems Japan was founded, I held two posts, Vice President of Marketing and Vice President of OSDN division till August 2007. In September 2007, I founded OSDN which is a spin-out company from VA Linux's OSDN division, and assumed the position of CEO. OSDN K.K. is known for operating two websites called SRAD (formerly known as Slashdot Japan) and OSDN (formerly known as SourceForge.JP). I am also involved in these websites as an editor and admin.

My last education degree is master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Graduate School of Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of Technology. After I received my degree, I worked at Kanazawa Keizai University (Presently known as Kanazawa Seiryo University) for three years.


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