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TextMate is a graphical text editor for OS X 10.7+

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Revision8d4cf3cad0c1ccfa19787e9f0748617fd2216c09 (tree)
Time2012-08-23 07:57:07
AuthorAllan Odgaard <git@abet...>
CommiterAllan Odgaard

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--- a/Applications/TextMate/resources/ReleaseNotes.md
+++ b/Applications/TextMate/resources/ReleaseNotes.md
@@ -1,5 +1,20 @@
11 # Release Notes
3+## News
5+Not only are we back to frequent updates, but I have also started blogging about TextMate features again, so if you aren’t watching [the blog](http://blog.macromates.com/) then I recommend you do.
7+## 2012-08-22
9+* You can now ⌘-click icons in the file browser for “Show in Finder” *[Jacob Bandes-Storch]*
10+* Bundle editor now remember column widths and item titles are truncated with ellipsis *[Gerd Knops]*
11+* File browser now remember it’s width *[Gerd Knops]*
12+* You can now also set `gutterSelectionBackground` in a theme (or as a global style) to affect gutter rendering *[David Howden]*
13+* Suppress borders and disallow horizontal scroll for Find in Folder results *[Jacob Bandes-Storch]*
14+* Add missing retina images *[Paul Wilde]*
15+* Fix issue with gutter’s border being drawn behind incremental search (and disappearing).
16+* Yesterday’s build was missing “double-click bundles and bundle items to install” functionality.
318 ## 2012-08-21
520 * Save dialogs now have controls for setting encoding, line endings, and whether or not to use a byte order mark (for unicode encodings).