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Generate a nice Bibtex or Latex bibliography according to the document content

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32770dcc2016-09-07 17:25:24François BoulogneMerge pull request #2 from johnyf/setup use setuptools, ...
527206cc2016-09-07 17:03:58Ioannis FilippidisMAI: update author email in `setup.py`
f595a3fc2016-09-07 09:10:50Ioannis FilippidisDEV: ignore `_version.py`
5cf2c8802016-09-07 09:09:58Ioannis FilippidisREL: define trove classifiers, to on PyPI that only Pytho...
1305c16e2016-09-07 09:08:59Ioannis FilippidisREL: require `bibtexparser` in `install_requires` so tha...
622e42372016-09-07 09:08:07Ioannis FilippidisBUG: define version in `setup.py` and dump to `_version.p...
471485712016-09-07 09:06:01Ioannis FilippidisREF: use `__main__` stanza in `setup.py`
3c7470672016-09-07 09:04:54Ioannis FilippidisAPI: use `setuptools` only, so that `install_requires` ca...
de02f28d2016-04-29 11:28:45François Boulognefix url readthedoc + remove source
75bfaf052015-12-24 13:07:26François BoulogneMerge pull request #1 from sciunto-org/fixes various fixes


Generate a nice Bibtex or Latex bibliography according to the document content



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