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1896b7eb2018-01-22 13:17:33Chih-Wei Huanginput: simulate long press properly The original impleme...
0b3e42ad2018-01-22 13:17:31Chih-Wei HuangAdd a shebang to the script Without the shebang the init...
4b83d2692018-01-22 13:17:29Chih-Wei HuangRevert "Fix black background for android-x86" This is un...
373957a22018-01-22 13:11:23Chih-Wei HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'lineage/cm-14.1' into cm-14...
3b1e7fb42018-01-22 05:39:00meganukebmpSystemUI: Fix crash when taking screenshot in partial scr...
1f240e8c2018-01-22 05:03:35Michael BestasGlobalActions: Misc power menu cleanup * Update drawable...
8344a15d2018-01-22 05:03:35Italian QuadcoreGlobalActions: Fix setting ringer mode in global actions ...
b83b533e2018-01-22 05:03:35Tom Marshallfw: GlobalActions: Always dismiss any existing dialog Th...
b0ac12572018-01-22 05:03:35longyu.huangThe DUT can't screen shot in guest mode Change-Id: I6c40...
f3b6cc712018-01-19 04:29:04Gabriele MKeyguard: Don't apply input restriction if disabled by pr...

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