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[SVN] Commit revision 28257
* Extend the high-dpi helper class with the new Win10 APIs * Use the Win10 API's if they're avail...
[SVN] Commit revision 28253
Merged revision(s) r28252 from trunk: * After loading the ignore properties, do not fall back to ...
[SVN] Commit revision 28252
After loading the ignore properties, do not fall back to the default ignores but to the ignore st...
[SVN] Commit revision 28251
Don't set an exception filter for the shell extension. Follow-up to r28250
[SVN] Commit revision 28250
Don't set an exception filter for the shell extension. See "The unhandled exception filter is the...
[SVN] Commit revision 28249
Fix the order of diffed files. Fix for r28246
[SVN] Commit revision 28248
Merged revision(s) r28232, r28237, r28240, r28243, r28244, r28245, r28247 from trunk: * When tryi...
[SVN] Commit revision 28247
Show the url from where the update happens in the progress dialog.
[SVN] Commit revision 28246
Add a "compare with working copy" context menu to the file list in the log dialog.
[SVN] Commit revision 28245
Adjust the revision graph for high-dpi displays.
[SVN] Commit revision 28244
use the caption height of the non-client-metrics instead of misusing a tab control. This also fix...
[SVN] Commit revision 28243
Get the default fonts via SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS,..) instead of using the s...
[SVN] Commit revision 28240
high-dpi fixes for TortoiseBlame.
[SVN] Commit revision 28237
high-dpi fixes for the about dialog.
[SVN] Commit revision 28236
Revert font size changes: While the default font size for dialogs since Vista is 9, the context m...
[SVN] Commit revision 28233
partly revert r28228: only change the font and fontsize, not the controls size.
[SVN] Commit revision 28232
When trying to show a diff for added files, only use DiffSelectedFile() if there's only one file ...
[SVN] Commit revision 28231
Merged revision(s) r28224, r28229, r28230 from trunk: * Remove custom base address. * Patch from ...
[SVN] Commit revision 28230
Improve the labels and texts in the rename dialog when using it to get the name for a copy url fr...