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syurisakura / fork sakura editor ver 2.2.0.x

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41ced5f 2017-10-09 12:32:38 syuribox syurisakura .gitignore
9fc9fb7 2017-10-09 12:20:03 syuribox Syuri_R2.2.0.100 syurisakura update version
c8c3f33 2017-10-09 12:15:59 novice123 Fix: プラグインのReadMe表示時にハンドルリーク [patchunic...
d9f5368 2017-10-09 12:15:51 novice123 Keep: 再帰テンプレートでべき乗を計算 [patchunicode:#1108...
fbf9817 2017-10-09 12:15:41 novice123 Fix: SpecialFolderPath()関数更新 [patchunicode:#1107] ...
1dfc5aa 2017-10-09 12:15:34 novice123 Keep: CViewCommanderクラス整理 [patchunicode:#1106] gi...
55650c0 2017-10-09 12:15:24 novice123 Keep: CDlgTagJumpListクラス整理 [patchunicode:#1105] g...
b7fa978 2017-10-09 12:15:10 novice123 Fix: 未定義のコマンドがある場合にバッファが未初期化になる...
33f83e4 2017-10-09 12:13:49 novice123 Fix: UnicodeをUTF-16表記に変更 [patchunicode:#1102] Cont...
dbbbd82 2017-10-09 12:13:32 novice123 New: ウィンドウ一覧ダイアログ [patchunicode:#1072] Contr...

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Syuri_R2.2.0.100 9fc9fb7 2017-10-09 12:20:03 syuribox


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syurisakura 41ced5f 2017-10-09 12:32:38 syuribox .gitignore

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