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bb88f40e2019-06-05 18:28:50Chih-Wei Huang Android 8.1.0 release 65 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- ...
47bf49652019-05-20 18:27:39Chih-Wei Huang Android 8.1.0 Release 64 (OPM8.190505.001) -----BEGIN P...
d3f6644b2019-04-17 07:37:45android-build-team RobotMerge cherrypicks of [7077328, 7074021, 7074022, 7077576,...
e1dd453c2019-04-17 07:37:18Eran MesseriPermission Check For DPM.getPermittedAccessibilityService...
bf6f182f2019-04-17 07:37:11Julia Reynolds[RESTRICT_AUTOMERGE]: Add cross user permission check - a...
2e84d7232019-03-21 17:34:48Mauro Rossifd_utils: fix DEBUG mode booting issue (pie-x86) Porting...
0206e9d72019-03-21 17:26:15Chih-Wei HuangCamera: ignore exceptions from getSupportedPreviewFpsRange
795160a92019-03-21 17:23:19Chih-Wei Huanginput: simulate long press properly The original impleme...
8cfe8cb92019-03-21 17:15:02Chih-Wei HuangDiskInfo: support CD/DVD type
ee442e8a2019-03-21 17:14:44Chih-Wei HuangIgnore screen size when determines mForceDefaultOrientation

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