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FurryScript VM/Assembler/Compiler

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d9ff1e0a2020-01-05 14:19:39Alexa Jones-GonzalesMake a current list of opcodes
ba0a83da2020-01-05 14:10:08Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdd LICENSE and .hgignore
8527f4e62020-01-05 14:09:11Alexa Jones-GonzalesUpdate/add license headers
f055e5182020-01-05 14:05:44Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdd gpl header
74305b062020-01-05 14:02:43Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdded files to build executables
4228e8d02020-01-05 14:02:18Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdded FurryS command line VM program
4cc111842020-01-05 14:02:05Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdded MAIN and support for running from the command line
43104dcd2020-01-05 14:01:48Alexa Jones-GonzalesExport more stuff
9cbd96ec2020-01-05 14:01:40Alexa Jones-GonzalesRename RUN to RUN-VM
2dcde3d22020-01-05 14:01:24Alexa Jones-GonzalesFix some bugs with FSExec reading/writing

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