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Command line parser library for Vala

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088f320e2020-01-17 17:06:23Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdded tag v1.0.0 for changeset ab8797542dba
ab8797542020-01-17 16:56:26Alexa Jones-GonzalesFix a bug in handleVal() and add all_arguments()
9913d9042020-01-17 16:26:00Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdd some default values
42378d562020-01-17 16:02:57Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdd documentation (valadoc) and split a file.
085fdbda2020-01-17 14:00:17Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdded LICENSE
cfe161142020-01-17 13:58:53Alexa Jones-GonzalesFix various bugs and improve performance relating to help...
1c87d9d82020-01-17 13:58:08Alexa Jones-GonzalesMove and rename get_value_str() to ArgumentDef/val()
029df9ee2020-01-17 10:12:32Alexa Jones-GonzalesFix pkgconfig and library name
5a337e602020-01-17 09:54:49Alexa Jones-GonzalesAdded help/version printers
ab83cc2d2020-01-17 09:26:05Alexa Jones-GonzalesInitial import

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