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Remilia's SlackBuilds

Remilia's SlackBuild packages for Slackware Linux

These are various SlackBuilds that I've written and maintain for Slackware Linux. Unless otherwise specified in their README file, these are for the current stable version of Slackware.

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Recent Commits

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c4052db72023-07-19 12:15:50Remilia ScarletUpdate README, project moved to
77b92a7f2023-07-18 06:09:58Remilia ScarletUpdate crystal-lang-bin to 1.9.1
1acc10222023-06-13 07:31:11Remilia ScarletActually, remove crystal-lang for now so that we can just...
7712e6e72023-06-13 07:26:06Remilia ScarletAdd a patch to support LLVM 16. This is already in the u...
72a409e22023-06-13 02:20:27Remilia ScarletChange tags to "rem"
99f192252023-06-12 14:30:09Remilia ScarletAdd crystal-lang. Unlike crystal-lang-bin, this one comp...
194307912023-06-12 14:29:10Remilia ScarletAdd a note to the README
40a7fd0a2023-06-12 14:07:37Remilia ScarletChange directory tree. Add README.
7d53fa5a2023-06-12 13:59:20Remilia ScarletAdd Shards
2128106f2023-06-12 13:59:10Remilia ScarletDon't ship Shards with crystal-lang-bin.

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