Apache Libcloud 2.8 Released

January 2, Apache Libcloud development team announced the latest stable release of Apache Libcloud 2.8.0. It is positioned as the last major release of the v2 series.

Apache Libcloud is a Python library that provides APIs which enable unified access to various cloud services. There are six main APIs, which are Compute, Storage, Load Balancers, DNS, Container, and Backup, and they can be used with over 50 providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack, Google Cloud, and CloudFlare. It supports Python v2.7 and 3.0, and PyPy (2/3 series).

Apache Libcloud 2.8 is the latest version following v2.7 released in early December 2019. It includes detailed function improvements. Bugs, like get_driver() not working in some areas and conditional dependency related problem as to wheel metadata, were fixed.

Also, as py.typed file is included in distribution, it signals that type annotations are contained in the package. Note that at the moment type annotations can only be used for Compute API.

The original plan was that 2.7 would be the last major release of v2 series and to drop Python 2.7 and Python 3.4 in the v3 series, but as there were small bugs included in 2.7, the plan needed to be changed. Now, the project is in the process of developing v3 series, which will be the next coming major release.

Apache Libcloud 2.8 is available on the project website.

Apache Libcloud