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Tomoki Aono aonot****@users*****
2005年 11月 28日 (月) 02:30:23 JST

Date:	Monday November 28, 2005 @ 02:30
Author:	aonoto

Update of /cvsroot/freewnn/FreeWnn
In directory sf-cvs:/tmp/cvs-serv28991

Modified Files:
	config.h.in configure configure.in 
Log Message:
- Added -D_GNU_SOURCE to CCOPTIONS if linux. Merged from Gentoo portage,
  but discussion began in wnn-users ML ([wnn-users 1035]). 
  Thanks to MATSUU Takuto.
  (Some (ancient?) Linux users may get some problems on building.
  Please report us if it occurs.)
- Changed library searching method of crypt() (to AC_SEARCH_LIBS).
  Maybe useful for systems that have crypt() on both libc and libcrypt
  (i.e. Solaris).
- Use $(top_builddir) to *WNNJLIB / HINSI_DATA (instead of
  *WNNJLIB / WNNJDSRC) by default. Useful if builddir != srcdir,
  but it doesn't break normal configurations.
- Some cosmetic change. (Also stripped old mail address.)

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