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2010年 7月 11日 (日) 19:18:17 JST

Date:	Sunday July 11, 2010 @ 19:18
Author:	aonoto

Update of /cvsroot/freewnn/FreeWnn/kWnn/jutil
In directory sf-cvs:/tmp/cvs-serv14186/kWnn/jutil

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Added (first step of) support for new installation path layout. Maybe
useful for package managers.  Please note that new layout is disabled
by default. You need to specify following configure parameter if you
try this.

- Added --enable-traditional-layout (default: yes) parameter to
  configure. If disabled, we install jserver / wnnstat / wnnkill to
  sbindir. Currently this will take effect on program path only.
- Also added --enable-sub-bindir (default: yes if
  --enable-traditional-layout, no otherwise). If disabled, we install
  programs to bindir (/ sbindir) directly (i.e. we don't mkdir Wnn4
  (, cWnn4 and kWnn4) sub directory to bindir (/ sbindir)) .
- Enable --program-transform-name and its family to programs
  (ex. jserver, uum, wnnkill, atod) and corresponding manpages.
- Update INSTALL documentation (Japanese version). English version
  will come later ...
- Strip old mail address (as usual).
- Merged part of my code to build correctly if builddir != srcdir (as

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