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BitlBee allows users to talk to people on the major instant messaging and microblogging networks (including MSN, Google Talk, AIM, and Twitter) from within any IRC client by emulating an IRC server. Virtual channels are created with all of the user's contacts in them, who can be talked to in the channel or in a query. Also, one can participate in group chats and chat rooms like they were normal IRC channels.

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2010-11-25 09:39

Compatibility fixes with some IM protocols, fixes for build issues on some non-Linux systems, and some minor improvements/bugfixes.
Tags: Stable

2010-08-07 07:20

A complete rewrite of the IRC core, allowing the user to create multiple control channels, each with a different set of users. The ability to use libpurple as the IM backend (which adds support for many more IM protocols) and support for file transfers.
Tags: Development

2010-07-05 03:55

The ability to use non-Twitter Twitter API services, follow/unfollow people, some bugfixes concerning other IM protocols, and general cleanup.

2010-05-16 05:40

MSN support was fixed. The Twitter module was updated to use OAuth (which is required after June). Several other fixes and feature additions were done.

2010-04-19 21:29

Native support for Twitter was added. Some other minor feature additions and bug fixes were done.
Tags: Stable

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