[Howm-eng 112] Re: Show title rather than file name in summaries

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khi****@users***** khi****@users*****
Fri Dec 28 00:54:48 JST 2012

Hi, Albert-san.

Would you try this adhoc-cheap-inefficient-experimental code
on howm-test121227 or later?



(setq howm-list-title t) ;; Show title in any case.
(setq howm-view-list-title-type 2) ;; Show title before summary.
(setq howm-view-summary-format "") ;; If you want to delete file names.

;; show titles in independent lines without headers "=" in summary buffer.
;; works only after (setq howm-view-list-title-type 2).
;; char-width is not considered.
;; tested on howm-test121227.
(setq howm-entitle-items-style2-max-length 50)
(setq howm-entitle-items-style2-format "%-0s|%s") ;; for title and summary
(setq howm-entitle-items-style2-title-line t) ;; independent title line?


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