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2022-02-19 07:24
Review by Marco Srincx

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Thank you for giving us this swift and really high quality yet free of charge OS looking forward that I could install it on My Toshiba Satellite L650

2020-07-20 01:58
Review by mandresve

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Beautifully engineered OS, stable and powerful.

2020-05-25 14:24
Review by SILK

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I love Manjaro project and your flexibility, upon all the possibilities that I have tested, I'm more attracted by Cinnamon interface, I tried to use Mint but think Manjaro more fluid and friendly for any user level.
Simply Friendly Good content in the web Good troubleShooting turorials on the internet Rolling Release

2020-04-16 21:11
Review by momo

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seeds please the torrent file has 0 seeds