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This is the official download site for the latest packages originating from the MinGW.OSDN Project, (formerly the Project; however, that domain is no longer associated with this project).

MinGW is a native Windows port of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), with freely distributable import libraries and header files for building native Windows applications; includes extensions to the MSVC runtime to support C99 functionality. Although (currently) offering only a 32-bit compiler suite, all of MinGW's software will execute on the 64bit Windows platforms.

MinGW is a registered trademark of Software in the Public Interest Inc., registration number 86017856; this trademark has been registered on behalf of the MinGW.OSDN Project, and its use by any other project is unauthorized.

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MinGW.OSDN Compiler Collection (GCC)

Released at 2018-02-27 01:39
MinGW.OSDN Windows System Libraries (WSL) Windows API (32-bit), Version 5.1 (4 files Hide)

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For full change history, up to this release, please refer to this ChangeLog file.

Changes introduced since the previous (version 5.0.2) release are:

2018-02-26  Keith Marshall  <>

         Prepare and publish WSL-5.1 release.

         * All files (wsl-5.1-release): Tag assigned.

 2018-02-24  Keith Marshall  <>

         Make <iptypes.h> header effectively self-contained.

         * include/iptypes.h: Assert copyright; tidy layout.
         Include <windef.h>; it is required for self-containment.
         (__need_time_t): Define for selective inclusion of <sys/types.h>
         (_BEGIN_C_DECLS, _END_C_DECLS): Use them as appropriate.
         (_WIN32_WINNT): Always compare it symbolically.
         (__dhcp_time_t): New temporary data type macro; define it...
         [_WIN64]: equivalent to __time64_t, otherwise...
         [!_WIN64]: ...equivalent to __time32_t, and then...
         (struct _IP_ADAPTER_INFO): ...use it as the data type for...
         (LeaseObtained, LeaseExpires): ...these fields.

 2017-12-20  Keith Marshall  <>

         Make <winreg.h> header effectively self-contained.

         * include/winreg.h: Include <winbase.h>, thus achieving effective
         self-containment; since this also indirectly includes <_mingw.h>,
         there is no longer any need to include it directly.

 2017-12-20  Keith Marshall  <>

         Clean up, following issue [#2262] patch application.

         * include/winreg.h: Tidy layout; correct copyright assertion.
         (_BEGIN_C_DECLS, _END_C_DECLS): Use them, as appropriate.
         [UNICODE] (__AW): Do not use deleted macro; replace it with...
         [UNICODE] (__AW_ALIAS__): ...this, for conditional typedef mapping...
         [UNICODE] (VALENT, PVALENT): ...of these; similarly replace with...
         [UNICODE] (__AW_SUFFIXED__): ...this, to define function mappings...
         [UNICODE] (AbortSystemShutdown, InitiateSystemShutdown)
         (RegConnectRegistry, RegCreateKey, RegCreateKeyEx, RegDeleteKey)
         (RegDeleteValue, RegEnumKey, RegEnumKeyEx, RegEnumValue, RegLoadKey)
         (RegOpenKey, RegOpenKeyEx, RegQueryInfoKey, RegQueryMultipleValues)
         (RegQueryValue, RegQueryValueEx, RegReplaceKey, RegRestoreKey)
         (RegSaveKey, RegSetValue, RegSetValueEx, RegUnLoadKey, RegSaveKeyEx)
         (RegDeleteKeyTransacted, RegDeleteKeyValue, RegDeleteTree, RegGetValue)
         (RegLoadMUIString, RegOpenKeyTransacted, RegSetKeyValue)
         (RegDeleteKeyEx, RegCopyTree, RegCreateKeyTransacted): ...for these.
         (RegDeleteKeyEx, RegDeleteKeyExA, RegDeleteKeyExW): Fix regression;
         all "4.x" branches specified these incorrectly, dependent on...
         [_WIN32_WINNT >= _WIN32_WINNT_WIN2K]: ...this condition, whereas the
         "legacy" branch, whence the "5.x" branches are propagated, correctly
         required an alternative condition which is the equivalent of...
         [_WIN32_WINNT >= _WIN32_WINNT_WS03]: ...this; revert it.

 2017-12-20  Sebastián Puebla  <>

         Update registry management API, per issue [#2262].

         * include/winreg.h: Merge changes from 4.1-dev branch.
         (RRF_ZEROONFAILURE): New manifest constants; define them.
         (RegDisablePredefinedCache, RegOpenCurrentUser, RegOpenUserClassesRoot)
         (RegOverridePredefKey): Add previously omitted function prototypes.
         [_WIN32_WINNT >= _WIN32_WINNT_WINXP] (RegSaveKeyEx): Define...
         [!defined UNICODE] (__AW): ...mapping it for SBCS/MBCS case, or...
         [defined UNICODE] (__AW): ...for UTF-16LE case to either one of...
         (RegSaveKeyExA, RegSaveKeyExW): ...these, respectively, and...
         [_WIN32_WINNT >= _WIN32_WINNT_WINXP]: ...declare function prototypes.
         [_WIN32_WINNT >= _WIN32_WINNT_WS03] (RegDisableReflectionKey)
         (RegEnableReflectionKey, RegQueryReflectionKey): Declare prototypes.
         [_WIN32_WINNT >= _WIN32_WINNT_VISTA] (RegCopyTreeA, RegCopyTreeW)
         (RegCreateKeyTransactedA, RegCreateKeyTransactedW)
         (RegDeleteKeyTransactedA, RegDeleteKeyTransactedW)
         (RegDeleteKeyValueA, RegDeleteKeyValueW)
         (RegDeleteTreeA, RegDeleteTreeW, RegDisablePredefinedCacheEx)
         (RegGetValueA, RegGetValueW, RegLoadMUIStringA, RegLoadMUIStringW)
         (RegOpenKeyTransactedA, RegOpenKeyTransactedW)
         (RegSetKeyValueA, RegSetKeyValueW): Declare prototypes.
         [_WIN32_WINNT >= _WIN32_WINNT_VISTA] (RegCopyTree)
         (RegCreateKeyTransacted, RegDeleteKeyTransacted, RegDeleteKeyValue)
         (RegDeleteTree, RegGetValue, RegLoadMUIString, RegOpenKeyTransacted)
         (RegSetKeyValue): Define, mapping each to its respective function...
         [!defined UNICODE] (__AW): ...for the SBCS/MBCS case, or...
         [defined UNICODE] (__AW): ...for the UTF-16LE case.

         * lib/kernel32.def (RegDeleteTreeA@8, RegDeleteTreeW@8)
         (RegDisablePredefinedCacheEx@0, RegGetValueA@28, RegGetValueW@28)
         (RegLoadMUIStringA@28, RegLoadMUIStringW@28, RegSaveKeyExA@16)
         (RegSaveKeyExW@16): Remove them; relocate them to...
         * lib/advapi32.def (RegDeleteTreeA@8, RegDeleteTreeW@8)
         (RegDisablePredefinedCacheEx@0, RegGetValueA@28, RegGetValueW@28)
         (RegLoadMUIStringA@28, RegLoadMUIStringW@28, RegSaveKeyExA@16)
         (RegSaveKeyExW@16): ...their correct location, here.
         (RegCopyTreeA@12, RegCopyTreeW@12, RegQueryReflectionKey@8)
         (RegCreateKeyTransactedA@44, RegCreateKeyTransactedW@44)
         (RegDeleteKeyTransactedA@24, RegDeleteKeyTransactedW@24)
         (RegDeleteKeyValueA@12, RegDeleteKeyValueW@12)
         (RegDisableReflectionKey@4, RegEnableReflectionKey@4)
         (RegOpenKeyTransactedA@28, RegOpenKeyTransactedW@28)
         (RegSetKeyValueA@24, RegSetKeyValueW@24): Add these.

 2017-12-16  Keith Marshall  <>

         Provide default definition for _WIN32_IE feature test macro.

         * include/sdkddkver.h [!defined _WIN32_IE]: Define it, with...
         (_WIN32_IE_IE50): ...this default value.

         * include/commctrl.h (_WIN32_IE): Delete definition hint; it offered
         a conflicting proposal for the default value.