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The 3. party software within the packages is usually not forked. The 3. party software tends to be only wrapped, but there CAN be forks. This project does NOT have a classical version control system repository, because it is a collection of release deliverables of the repackaging projects.

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Released at 2023-03-25 18:30
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Release Notes

It is a Linux specific Bash script based wrapper to the binaries of the Borland C++ compiler version 5.5 from year 2000. As of 2023_03 the wrapped binary can be downloaded from

The original license of the Borland C++ compiler version 5.5 allowed it to be freely downloaded and used for compiling commercial, closed source, software without paying any license fees to Borland. Back in 2000 the Borland C++ compiler version 5.5 was seen as a marketing tool for the license sales of their closed source C++ IDE.

As of 2023_03 the main value of the Borland C++ compiler version 5.5 is in compiling legacy C++ software and in testing the portability of C++ code. If the C++ code uses sufficiently primitive set of C++ programming language features to compile with this old C++ compiler, then, with the exception of header file related issues, there's a good chance that the C++ code works with any remotely decent modern C++ compiler and many other legacy C++ compilers.

Computer museums might want to write custom software for old hardware and old operating system combinations. By using the Borland C++ compiler version 5.5 on Linux Wine, that modern software for those old hardware and old operating system combinations can be developed by using modern C++ IDEs and modern text editors like some modern version of Vim.

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