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OpenTween is an open source Twitter client with settings that offer many features and flexibility. In 2011 when Tween became closed source, it was created by forking. For the current development status, please refer to OpenTween-dev ML.

This project can also be found on GitHub.

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Released at 2013-01-19 23:19
opentween 1.0.7 (1 files Hide)

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==== Ver 1.0.7(2013/01/19)
* NEW: を使用したサムネイル表示に対応
* CHG: 検索APIをATOMからJSONに移行 (thx @re4k, @5px!)
* CHG: サムネイル表示を大幅に書き直し
* FIX: ID振り分けルール作成時にエラーが起きる問題を修正 (thx @tadsan!)