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We are developing and introducing general-purpose portal applications based on the standard of JSR-168 Java Portlet API. To realize you can build homepages using many useful applications with portal server, and to popularize that is the mission of us.

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Released at 2007-02-18 18:08
portletoutputoptimizer 0.2 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

Portlet Output Optimizer is a portlet filter to optimize an output on JSF portlet. This filter depends on Faces Response Filter, This version removes html, head, body tags from the output.

ポートレット出力オプティマイザーは、JSFポートレット上で出力の最適化を行うポートレットフィルタです。このフィルタはFaces Response Filter に依存します。このバージョンでは、html、head、bodyタグを出力から削除します。


- fixed bug about multi-byte issue