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ParaHaplo is developing parallel computing tools for genome-wide association studies.

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Released at 2010-04-16 17:13
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The use of haplotype-based association tests can improve the power of genome-wide association studies. Since the observed genotypes are unordered pairs of alleles, haplotype phase must be inferred. However, estimating haplotype phase is time consuming. When millions of single-nucleotide polymorphisms are analyzed in genome-wide association study, faster methods for haplotype estimation are required.
We developed a program package for parallel computation of haplotype estimation. Our program package, ParaHaplo 2.0, is intended for use in workstation clusters using the Intel Message Passing Interface (MPI). We compared the performance of our algorithm to that of the regular permutation test on both Japanese in Tokyo, Japan and Han Chinese in Beijing, China of the HapMap dataset.
Parallel version of ParaHaplo 2.0 can estimate haplotypes 100 times faster than a non-parallel version of the ParaHaplo.
ParaHaplo 2.0 is an invaluable tool for conducting haplotype-based GWAS. The need for fast haplotype estimation using parallel computing will become increasingly important as the data sizes of such projects continue to increase.