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GameDirectorSB ( Pre - Alpha )

Updated:- 02-04-23 [ v1.25 ] Change Log:-

GameDirectorSB Is a WYSIWYG 3D Game/Scene Editor that can build stand alone executables we are in the early stages of development at the moment and releasing regular builds.

GameDirectorSB is not trying to be an alternative to the Unreal Engine or Unity but a Quick method to build Scenes and 3D Visualizations as easy as possible with out the complexity of a programming language such as C++ so that anybody can build a quick scene and add items to it.

GameDirectorSB uses physics and logic to control the scene we are in the stages of adding as much Help as we can to explain the features as we add them.

Thanks HGTInflanite Software:- Terry Flanigan and Hazel Flanigan.

Any Problems or ideas you would like to see added please contact us.

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GameDirectorSB v1.25

Released at 2023-04-02 18:31
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