XooNIps 3.45 has been released
2011-03-03 20:20 (by orrisroot)

XooNIps 3.45 has been relased.

This version is maintenance release from ver.3.44

Change Logs:
* Bug fixes
  - Fixed bug for 'Content-Type' header of file downloading.
  - Fixed bug for update from version 3.24.
  - Fixed bug for item deletion of 'Related To' items.
  - Fixed bug for extracting zip archive.
  - Fixed bug for 'Add Item' function.
    |- Others' items can be added into Private index.
    |- Item editing lock does't come off when pending item selected.
  - Fixed 'setSpec' related problems of OAI-PMH repository function.
    |- 'setSpec' values in 'ListSets' response are not compatible.
    |- Invalid response returned by selective harvesting using 'set'
  - Fixed import failure when specified conditions.
  - Fixed other cumulative minor bugs.
* Compatibility enhancements
  - Enhanced compatibility with IIS on Windows.
  - Enhanced compatibility with PHP 5.3.
    |- Fixed 'Notice' messages.
    |- Fixed 'Deprecated' functions such as 'ereg', 'split', etc.
    |- Supported embedded magic database for 'Fileinfo' extension.
  - Fixed some item type module installation error when
    'STRICT_TRANS_TABLES' sql-mode setting into MySQL configuration.
* New features
  - Advanced search by 'item_id'
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