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How to Create a New Chamber

To create a new chamber, log in to OSDN, then go to the Chamber page and click the “create chamber” button.


To newly create an empty chamber, click on the “create chamber from scratch”. To create a chamber by forking from other already existing Git repository, click on the “Create a chamber by fork” button.

When you click on “Create Chamber from scratch”, dialog window “Create Chamber” will pop up.


Here, enter the type of repository you will be using on the new Chamber, Chamber name, display name, and description. Then click on the “create” button to create a new Chamber.

Right after this process, there will be ten seconds to a few minute of wait time to create repository.


Create a chamber by forking other already existing Git repository

You can also create a chamber by forking (cloning) other already existing Git repository. In this case, dialog window “Create Chamber by fork from other repository” will pop up. Here, you will enter the Git repository information.


Enter the information of target repository and click the “Fork” button. Then a dialog window “Create a new chamber” will pop up, so there you will enter all necessary information about the new chamber.