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Whether there was supposed to file, there is no imperceptibly experience that has been moved to another folder?
If there is a complaint that person if the administrator "file is no longer", if you take a look, I think I had been moved next to the folder, Nante have experience.
In most cases, the cause is located in the unintended drag-and-drop operation.
In the case of people who are not familiar with the PC, the person is also going to click on the file, it may be would have been recognized as a drag operation.
In addition, even in people accustomed, such as in the track pad of notebook PC, there is an unintended click or drag occurs, it becomes in the wrong operation.

This software, has developed for the purpose of preventing these unintended drag-and-drop operation.

This software is a utility software to change the behavior of the file drag-and-drop in Windows (Explorer).
(To be precise, you change the behavior of the drop.)
It will change the drag-and-drop with the left mouse button as shown below.

- As usual
The drag-and-drop with the left button of the mouse you will allow as usual.

· Shift / Ctrl / Alt permitted only when you press the key
Shift key, Ctrl key, only if you hold down one of the Alt key, and then allowed to drop.
Operation when you press each key is as follows.
(There are times when it is not necessarily as below by ※ situation.)

Shift key: move
Ctrl key: Copy
Alt key: Create a link

- "Creating a link" to the standard
Shift key, Ctrl key, operation in the case that do not press any of the Alt key "create a link" will be the standard. (Behavior similar to when you press the Alt key)

And right button to behave as you drag in the
You behave as if you drag and drop with the right mouse button.
Usually displays a context menu when you drop.

And drop the ban
It will ban the drop of files.

Subject to change the behavior is as follows.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows

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Released at 2015-10-19 13:04
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Released at 2013-05-24 15:52
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